About Us

Established in 1986 EMGEE, unit of Mangalchand Group operates within one of the most dynamic business areas in the world – the electric – based economy. The Group produces high-performance copper and copper alloy, wires & conductors, PE/PVC insulated wire & cables, electrical & electronic items, does power transmission & distribution projects on turnkey basis and has created an unmatched global network of customer services and engineering solutions. Our products serve the energy, construction, consumer and industrial sectors, pump manufacturers, aerospace, medical, automobile, telecommunication, electronic, railways, agriculture, electrical and defence sectors with sales and service. EMGEE Cables & Communications Limited is a public limited company, with shares listed on stock exchange. The company is ISO certified and has all the relevant quality certifications.


As the leader in new product development our skilled professionals develop products not only to meet national/international standards but to go beyond it and bring unique value creating characteristics to meet customers’ requirements across the globe. We have a strong committed team headed by our Managing Director to keep R&D as a continuous process.

This has resulted in many new & unique wires & cables and electrical / electronic items.


At EMGEE we strive to achieve customer satisfaction through innovation and continuous improvement in Product, Process and Personnel.

We also strive to be known globally as a manufacturer of reliable, dependable and fail safe wires and cables.


At no time in our history has customer focus been more a priority than it is today. EMGEE wire and cable is driven by our customer’s needs for the highest quality products delivered “just-in-time”. Our new global presence provides premier supplier capabilities, consistent product quality and our hallmark personalized services worldwide. We partner with our customers during product development and offer personalized engineering support.

Pioneering creation of values

As the leader in new product development, our skilled professionals develop products with the competitive characteristics which distinguish EMGEE wire and cable.

  • The market leaders
  • User friendly
  • Thinking beyond “ The Box”
  • Value creation
  • Innovative
  • Eco-friendly