Submersible Motor Winding Wire


Low Dia “PolyCot” wires help to reduce motor size thereby reducing costs. These Triple taped low diameter winding wire have excellent Electrical, Mechanical, Thermal & Chemical Properties. These wires withstand abrasion, frictional losses and work in every type of typical conditions.

  • Save Upto 25% in Pump Cost: Because of lesser overall diameter, the motor size is reduced and eventually a smaller pump can be developed giving substantial saving in castings, stamping and other material costs.
  • Higher Life: POLYCOT Winding Wire have excellent, Electrical, Mechanical, Thermal & Chemical properties. These wires withstand abrasion, frictional damages and work in every type of typical conditions. The insulating material is produced by biaxially oriented synthetic film and this technology of wrapping around places the insulation concentrically around the conductor and has very long life.
  • Easy Winding: Since the overall dia is less then the conventional PVC winding wire, the winding resistance is less and the motor is easy to wind.
  • Dielectric Strength: The multiple layer bonded construction ensures high dielectric strength .
    Withstands 105°C Temperature: For short period +105°C & continuous -25°C to +90°C.
  • Less Leakage Current: BOPP Tape has constant & many times higher insulation resistance even at boiling point of water and the current leakage is very less.
  • More Mechanical Strength: POLYCOT insulation is remarkably resistant to cut through & scratch abrasion and ensures greater cut through stress and general abuse.
  • Tear Resistant: The structure of insulation (BOPP) is oriented biaxially hence is a good tear resistant.
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