Hi-Life Polymer Insulated House Wire


“Safe-X” wire is designed to meet modern day expectations. It goes beyond PVC and its performance enhancing Polymer coatings keeps the wire free from Oxide formation. This polymer has special features viz high current carrying capacity and is resistant to flame and internal excessive heat created by short circuits. In most of the Fire cases, more casualties have been on account of Black suffocating smoke emitted by PVC, our wires have special polymers which emit very low density & non-suffocating smoke. So be safe and use Safe-X.

  • Non Suffocating
  • Low-Density Safe Smoke
  • Flame Resistant
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Ozone Resistant
  • Radiation and Heat Resistant
  • High Thermal Stability
  • Resistant to Chemicals, Oils & Soil.
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